Design For Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is the complete process of:

– Applying general engineering art of designing products and sub-systems in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. The DFM process exists in almost all engineering disciplines, but the implementation differs widely depending on the manufacturing technology;

– Addressing potential dimensional tolerance, raw materials, supply-chain hardware, quality, testing, primary fabrication and secondary processing problems in the design phase which is the least expensive place to address them to meet and/or exceed fit, form, and functionality requirements in the most cost effective and timely manner to maximize new product success.


Pre-Design Considerations

Method of Fabrication

Raw Material Type and Properties

Material Size and Shape

Process Flow/Timing

Dimensional Tolerance


Design Considerations

Ease of Manufacturing

Fix Problems in the Design Phase

Finish, Texture, and Treatments

Secondary Operations

Process Flow/Timing

Other Design Considerations

Functional Yield Loss

Six Sigma Process Improvements

Test-Related Yield Losses

Parametric Design Marginalities